How do we choose the right model Aztec Grill for our operation?
We’ll be delighted to assist you in selecting the proper Aztec Grill using guidelines based on a few key factors, including customer volume and the number and variety of wood-grilled items you plan to offer on your menu.

How will our Aztec Grill be delivered and installed?
All Aztec Grills are 29 1/8" in depth, and stand on legs with 6" casters. These features allow them to be rolled easily through any standard door. No electricity is required to operate an Aztec Grill, so you have leeway in positioning it in your kitchen.

What is involved in training our kitchen staff to use the Aztec Grill?
Using an Aztec Grill is simplicity itself. Very little training is involved. We provide an operator’s manual and, if required, will be happy to review the how-to’s of your Aztec Grill with your staff before start-up.

What kinds of woods are best for the Aztec Grill ? Where do we
purchase it?
Well-seasoned hardwoods, fruitwoods or nutwoods are best for grilling. (Aztec is headquartered in Texas so naturally we use mesquite!) The key is proper size: preferably split pieces no larger than 3" diameter by 16" in length. Your Aztec Grill will be delivered with a box of wood from Gourmet Wood Products. We recommend finding a local wood supplier who carries the types and size of wood required.

What is the best way to build a fire in the Aztec Grill?
Thanks to the Aztec’s unique, patented air-flow system, starting and maintaining a constant and consistently burning fire is easy. Using nine properly sized firewood logs, lay three in parallel on the fuel grates. Cross-stack three more on top the lower layer, then cross-stack two on top of the second layer. Fill the spaces with balled up paper or cardboard and light.

How do we clean and maintain our Aztec Grill?
Apart from brushing and oiling the cooking grates and wiping off the stainless steel surfaces, the only regular cleaning and maintenance is daily removing the wood ashes that fall through the fuel grates into a pull-out collection drawer at the bottom of the grill. We recommend that you remove ashes in the morning to make sure there are no embers.
Frequently Asked Questions