The Best Chefs Want the Best:
The Aztec Grill

Try a Little Tenderness:
Why Aztec Delivers a Superior Product

Rugged Aztec Grills are designed for fuel efficiency, low fuel consumption, grilling comfort and ease, as well as for low maintenance and longevity. But what matters most is what your Aztec delivers: foods that are succulent and tender, and imbued with a flavor that only wood grilling produces.

And what a bill of fare you can offer: steaks, ribs, chops, tenderloins, burgers, fajitas, chicken, seafood, game, vegetables. An Aztec Grill will fire up your talents, imagination and know-how.

Controlled Moist Heat:
Why Aztec Delivers a Flavorful Product

Why can you turn out such delicious foods on your Aztec? The secret is in the quality of the heat itself – a product of the Aztec’s unique, patented air-flow system, which concentrates the heat on the food, not the chef or the air conditioning.

The Aztec Grill gives you three kinds of cooking heat: (1) Radiant Heat, (2) Conducted Heat, and (3) High-Velocity Hot Air

Radiant and Conducted Heat
The depth of the Aztec Grill’s firebox lets you control the radiant heat. The same feature allows you to control the heat conducted by the grill surfaces. Radiant and conducted heat provides 40 percent of the cooking energy.

High-Velocity Hot Air
Some 60 percent of the Aztec’s grilling heat is high-velocity hot air, delivered by the patented air-flow system. This hot air is moist because:
Air is pulled in from the outside
of the grill, through baffles, and therefore is not dry from
The air travels 16 to 18 inches after heating before reaching the food and in the process is re-hydrated.

While cooking times are faster than standard grills, the Aztec Grill’s controlled, moist heat is the reason foods are consistently tender and so full of flavor. Higher heat = faster cooking time, a moister product.

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